5 The Best US VPN For Use in or Outside The USA in 2023

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US citizens are the target of some of the most serious government monitoring, so it’s no wonder US VPN services are so loved. While not a cyber security silver bullet, the best VPNs are the perfect first step to increasing your online security.

From circumventing ISP blocks to connecting to streaming free sports from other countries, there are several benefits to a US VPN. And, if you’re in the United States for vacation, a VPN for the US is a great way to access the content you paid for back home.

The tricky part is actually choosing which one to register. That’s why we’ve tested almost every legitimate US VPN on the market and rounded up the best providers.

We would love to use one of these services – all you need to do is read on to find out which fits your bill.


What Makes the Best US VPN?

First, a US VPN should provide great speed from a watertight privacy side – and with so many amazing options out there, you really don’t have to risk anything.

If you are abroad and want to access all the content and websites you love at home, choose a US VPN with multiple servers around the world.

US-leading service is generally the best overall, so you’ll get an exceptional product.

Connecting geo-locked US content from Netflix, Downstream, and other streaming services, and major sporting events are big reasons for using a VPN, so choose a provider that has a long history of effective shutdown.

After our exhaustive test, our ExpressVPN review concluded that this provider is not only the best US VPN on the market, but a great dog overall.

That’s because of its massive network of servers, great speeds, strong privacy, and top-notch streaming capabilities.

The Best US VPN For Android + PC

The Best US VPN For Android + PC

But there’s stiff competition, so read on for five of the best US VPNs you can get today.

1. ExpressVPN

In short, ExpressVPN is the best US VPN because it provides all plans. With great desktop and mobile apps it’s super easy to move to the US for a Netflix binge, if something goes wrong there’s excellent support available 24/7 to help you out.


Network speeds in the US were very good, hitting around 560Mbps on our 1Gbps band. With a network average of around 100Mbps, ExpressVPN will be completely unidentified, and this performance is indicative of the quality of its network of servers around the world. Besides, with 23 US VPN server locations alone, you may find a location that is pretty close to your real life location.

Outside the US, its 3,000+ servers span across 160 locations in 94 countries and will ensure your every day usage is as fast as possible. We’re getting excellent network results from UK to US servers – so you don’t have to worry about dropouts or lag here.

ExpressVPN is the best service for streaming content, and can give you access to Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Downstream, Peacock, and others. Whatever you are passionate about, wherever you are, Lightning can help you.

The minor downside is the fact that your plan is limited to just 5 devices, but in practice it’s very easy to drop out of 1 if you need to use another.

Although it may be a little more expensive than others, in this case you really get what you pay for. If not, there’s just as little confusion as we can get – and that’s why it’s easy for us to crown ExpressVPN as the best US VPN available right now.

2. Best US VPN NordVPN

As one of the most popular services, NordVPN is excellent if you are looking for a US VPN. With multiple servers and server locations, we found in our NordVPN review that this VPN delivers great speeds not just in the US, but around the world.


Nord lets you stream pretty much anything you’d expect – including Netflix and BBC iPlayer – which for some could be its biggest selling price. However, that’s not the only ability. Nord brings together some of our favorite security-focused features like AES-256 encryption and class-leading DNS protection, plus a kill switch, Dual VPN, and Onion over VPN.

Good performance is a prime target for a US VPN, and Nord provides it very well. On our US 1Gbps test strip, we experienced great speeds of 820Mbps using the NordLynx system, but although it peaked higher than the others above in this breakdown, we saw some variation. Stability is more important than slightly high speeds – but we didn’t experience network drops or really slow servers.

Overall, Nord provides a good package – and a great price. However, while the mobile app is perfectly usable, the UI can be clunky at times and destroys the experience a bit. However, if you can handle it, NordVPN is still a real competitor.

3. Surfshark

Although relatively new, Surfshark has become a favorite among VPN users because of its most compact performance and unbeatable value.


While the price may not inspire confidence, in our Surfshark review the supplier delivers and makes for a good choice for those looking for a US VPN – ranking #3 overall in our best VPNs of 2022 tutorial.

The app is well thought out, making it easy to connect to any server – and its great blocking capabilities make it a high quality VPN for Netflix, Downstream, Amazon, iPlayer, Peacock, and YouTube wherever you are.

Surfshark’s network speed has improved significantly since our last discussion, and it is currently the fastest VPN on the market. Going over 950Mbps is a great feat, and while the majority of users won’t benefit from having the lower base speed, for those who use undeniable lanes, it’s a pleasure to use.

So if you’re looking for a cheap, high-quality VPN, you could do worse than Surfshark.

4. Private Internet Access

In our latest Individual Internet Access monitoring, we found that PIA has really improved, both in terms of streaming performance and benefits.

Private Internet Access

PIA has the most extensive set of servers – with some sources reporting 10,000 and others over 35,000 – and the majority are located in the US alone. Plus, it currently has at least one server per US state, so wherever you are, from Honolulu to Hoboken, you can connect close to home.

It’s great as a streaming VPN, and since our last round of testing, it’s been steadily improving. You can unblock many Netflix locations, including the US, UK, and Canada, and Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and more.

PIA is a super individual US VPN, with no data logging rules, port forwarding (good to use as a VPN for torrents), and a command line tool that PIATL mentions that is meant to appeal to coders out there.

However, PIA isn’t the fastest supplier in the world, and while speeds up to 510Mbps in the US are unheard of, providers like Surfshark almost double that. But, otherwise PIA is worth a look – especially for the price.

5. ProtonVPN

In our recent Proton VPN review, we saw the Swiss supplier increasing almost everywhere, on the way to becoming one of our top-ranked suppliers on the market.


As a US VPN, it’s perfect if you prefer a slightly tech experience, and highly recommended if you value privacy above all else. But, that doesn’t mean you have to make sacrifices to get that security online.

On the one hand, you get features like Secure Core, which routes your traffic through an ultra-secure server before mirroring it to other servers, which adds an extra layer between you and your activity. On the other hand, you can access most of the Netflix library and other streaming sites.

Proton VPN isn’t great – although the support team is really helpful, you still don’t get 24/7 live chat, and the app isn’t as good as the bigger providers. But, if that doesn’t bother you, it’s a great choice.


What is VPN AS availability?

For the best combination of blocking streams, avoiding public privacy monitoring, and ease of use, we recommend ExpressVPN (opens in a new tab) as the best YouTube VPN available.

However, NordVPN is the best alternative(opens in a new tab), when you want a cheap US VPN, we recommend Surfshark as a budget option(opens in a new tab).

Why do I need a US VPN?

We know that the US is a big producer of quality entertainment for the English speaking world. However, if you don’t live in the US, you won’t be able to see much right away – especially limited movies and shows on Downstream and other streaming services. Using a good US VPN can give you access to everything and more.

An often overlooked feature of VPNs is the fact that they can help you avoid pricing by location. This usually affects things like plane tickets and software, and while this is a bit more testing than exact knowledge, using a VPN to fly around the world allows you to get the best prices within seconds.

Seeing as the US is home to most software developers – known for offering favorable rates to those in similar countries – having a good US VPN can save you quite a bit of money, and might even pay out of pocket.

Can I get a free US VPN?

While it is possible to find free VPNs for the US, they universally come with their drawbacks.

First, the free service comes with a monthly or daily data limit, which means you have to be careful how much you use it. While this ranges from the meager 500MB to the more generous offerings at a few tens of GB, neither is quite the match for streaming media – and, let’s be honest, what a lot of people want to do is use their US VPN for Netflix.

Second, if you don’t pay for the service, the company has to get its income from somewhere else. Your app may be ad-laden or ugly – the data you’re trying to protect could be marketed for profit.

While they have their benefits, most free services do little more than check your e-mail while connected to public Wi-Fi. And, remember that the cheapest paid VPNs start at under $2.50/month, the smallest investment can get you in a lot of roles.

How to get a US VPN?

Getting a US VPN is really easy. Once you register with a service, each US VPN provider will have a direct download for their VPN client on their website – and you may be redirected to this page as soon as you pay.

If you’re using a Mac, most VPNs are on the Mac App Store. Anyone can get it for free, although to use it you usually have to buy a subscription unless it offers a free VPN trial.

After you have downloaded the software, install it like any other program. You may encounter a discussion box asking your permission to allow the VPN to connect or to change settings, but this is completely normal – and to use a VPN you must allow it.

There, you need to sign in with the details you created when you purchased the package, and click on the connect button in the app. From then on, you will be protected until you turn it off.

How does a US VPN unblock Netflix?

Netflix has dedicated libraries for many countries and regions around the world, and these are only reachable by those using IP addresses in those countries or regions. This is a problem for those on vacation, and many others just want to watch shows that aren’t ‘allowed’.

A VPN for Netflix can be used to virtually redirect you to a server in any country you wish, and it will best do so anonymously by the streaming service. Once you’ve done that, you’re free to see whatever you want.

Should I get a mobile US VPN?

If you travel or travel a lot, chances are you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi network. While these are convenient and can save a lot of data, many are unprotected and extremely vulnerable to hackers. There is a real risk if your sensitive information is exposed to someone you might not expect.

The solution for this is to get a good iOS VPN or Android VPN to protect your data. With a tap on the app, you can protect your identity from anyone watching, and the best mobile VPNs are completely invisible in practice.

Since all VPN subscriptions cover more than one device, you can protect your mobile, tablet and desktop with any US VPN you choose from this list.

This is a brief overview of the 5 The Best US VPN For Use in or Outside The USA in 2023

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