Top 10 Business Intelligence Software and Tools Free 2023

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Hello guys, welcome to the MbahGuru Indonesia website. I will be talking about “Business Intelligence Software“. Here’s a full review below:

Business Intelligence Software is something that really supports the Business Intelligence profession in carrying out its duties. This software is used to collect, analyze, process, and produce visualizations of large amounts of data.

In addition, this software will also be very useful in the process of making reports, as well as in the decision-making process.

Some software from Business Intelligence is open source, which means that all of its features are free to be accessed by anyone without having to pay the slightest fee.

In addition, there are also those that are free but only provide limited features. If the user wants to upgrade the features they have, the user can pay a certain amount according to the existing conditions.

Business Intelligence Software and Tool

Best Business Intelligence Tools Recommendations

So, this time we will discuss some software that is free but limited to several features that are quite widely used by the BI profession. What are you curious about? Check it out!

1. ActivTrak

The first software that is free is ActivTrack from Birch Grove Software. This software is commonly used by managers or business owners to see the productivity of their team.

This software is equipped with a system that can accommodate 5 to 1000 teams. It turns out that this software can be accessed using the cloud, SaaS, and the web.

In addition, this software also offers mobile applications for both Android and iOS. But unfortunately if the user wants to upgrade this software to be able to access more complete features, the user must pay $ 7.20 per user every month.

2. ChartMogul

ChartMogul is also a free Business Intelligence software. This software is very good for businesses that are starting to build and develop relationships with customers because this software can analyze the churn rate and also the lifetime value of each customer.

This software has a good ability to handle large user databases, so it’s no wonder ChartMogul has been used by clients at the level of Typeform and Docker.

Unfortunately, to fully access all the features of this software, users are also asked to pay as much as $ 100 per month.

3. Cluvius

Cluvio is software that allows users to run SQL queries against databases owned by companies. In addition, Cluvio can also process data in R, and more importantly, Cluvio can produce very attractive data visualization dashboards.

That is why, this software is widely used by those who at least have a little understanding or experience of data analysis. This software is basically free, but unfortunately to upgrade its features users have to spend $ 99 for one license with unlimited users.

4. Microsoft Power BI

Coming from Microsoft, it takes the Excel Pivot Table and Excel data visualization tools to the next level.

By using Power BI, you can process a lot of data from different sources.

The use of this tool can vary depending on your role in a company.

If you have a small budget and are looking for an affordable tool, Power BI is the answer. The Pro version is currently only $9.99/user/month, which is cheaper than other similar products.

5. Tableau

The second Business intelligence tool recommendation is called Tableau. This is the most popular data visualization tool to use.

Tableau is a data visualization tool with a user-friendly interface and has basic features that are easy to use. When designing the dashboard, you just need to create a worksheet and drag it into the container.

When you become a Business Intelligence, you must be able to make a data visualization well. Because raw data will be more difficult to understand by people who are not experts in their field.

But when you use data visualization, everyone will be able to easily understand the data. The main features of Tableau tools are real time analysis, data blending and data collaboration.

For those of you who are new to becoming a Business Intelligence. This tool is very suitable for use because it does not require programming skills to use it.

Another advantage of Tableau is that this software has a large community, users can easily gain knowledge, skills and experience from other users.

6. SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence

The third tool is SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence. These are tools that can help create data visualization, data reporting and other data processing.

If you want to turn data into insights to make it easy to understand. Then these tools can easily do it.

Generally, large companies use these tools for their server systems or open clients.

The advantages of SAP tools are transparency and flexibility in data processing. In addition, it can also be easily integrated with other systems.

7. QlikView

It is a useful tool for creating data visualization and creating dashboards easily.

The operation of the QlikView tool is also very easy, just drag and drop. The data and files used can also vary in this tool.

QlikView tools can be used for natural language processing. Thus making the data search process more accurate and easier.

8. Fine Report

With an interface similar to Excel and the ability to drag and drop objects. FineReport is a great tool for beginners.

Anyone who has ever used Excel can quickly get to grips with this software. The official website provides users with detailed learning materials and videos, including 24/7 technical support.

9. Dundas

This tool is useful for making dashboards, company data reports, scorecards and other data processing.

To use Dundas is very easy, just access it using a browser. You can also access many sources and can integrate them directly in this one tool.

The advantage of this tool is the data analytics feature that can predict business planning well.

10. Business Intelligence Software Domo

Finally, there is a recommendation for a Business intelligence tool called Domo. This Domo has modern features and has data analytics and data visualization services.

The Domo dashboard is also interactive, making it easier to visualize any data.

Another advantage of domo is that it can track email campaigns, evaluate marketing processes and see the number of sales.

That was the discussion about recommendations for business intelligence tools and their uses. Hopefully it can help you to use the most appropriate tools to simplify your company’s system.

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This is a Glance Review of the Top 3 Business Intelligence Tools and Software Free 2023

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