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Have the most spectacular cricket experience on mobile. Download the World Cricket Championship APK for Android now to bring the sport to life right before our eyes and experience the intense game of cricket on mobile.

The World Cricket Championship Series (WCC) on Android and iOS has set the standard for mobile cricket games. Because CGI is heavily used in game development, the end result is a sports game that looks more realistic than most – and can easily be perceived as a console game.

Aside from professional commentary by legendary Australian Matthew Hayden in English and India’s Aakash Chopra in Hindi, you can experience this game like the original. WCC3 APK is a game of cricket that fans have just been waiting for.

What is WCC3 Mod Apk?

WCC3 mod apk is the latest version of the World Cricket Championship series which has been very successful. It takes the excitement of a realistic game of cricket with many features available for mobile devices.


After the success of WCC2, all fans are already waiting for the next part of this series. Now you can get exclusive early access to this game for free. You will be able to play for the first time in all new stadiums, which have different dimensions, which further increases the complexity and depth of the game.

WCC3 Mod Apk Features

World Cricket Championship 3 mod APK is currently one of the best cricket games for cricket fans who live in every corner of the world. Scroll to explore some of the game’s exclusive modified features that are worth trying out.

  • Play in all roles

Gain experience as a manager, coach, captain and player in this eclectic, epic cricket game. Put your skills to the test in each role and gain a thorough understanding of the constraints placed on each person in the cricket hierarchy. Everyone has their own role, accept obstacles and do your best in each area.

  • New multiplayer action

Challenge your teammates to show that we have the skills to compete in the big leagues. As with any other sports game, the biggest obstacle is playing against other people online. Here we can really prove that we have what it takes to take out your opponent.

  • Advanced AI

The AI ​​in the game has been greatly improved since WCC2, in other words the challenges are now more powerful than ever and you will have to really try hard to overcome the new obstacles on your way.

  • Build your own team

As a team manager, you can create your own imaginary team and use player addition cards to improve your players’ skills in 18 unique areas. This enables us to create batsmen who can specialize in slogging, pinch-hitting, and quick singles, as well as fielders who can run at incredible speeds and throw with incredible accuracy.


  • Intuitive stroke control

World Cricket Championship 3 APK now allows you to score with awesome new controls, including shot placement, footwork, and more. You will need to balance your strengths with accuracy and you will be able to utilize new diving, loft and defense mechanics to develop your play style.

  • Epic new bowling

In addition to introducing new punching techniques, you can also take full advantage of the new bowling controls that allow us to add spin, swing, speed and pitch to your bowling. Fielding has also been made more intuitive and unique than ever, with the coordination between bowling and fielding reaching new depths.

  • Rank up

You have plenty of opportunities to test your skills and show what we have in a wide variety of game modes including League of Champs where you compete online against other players and climb the international and regional leaderboards. The top spot is a size and we will chase the competition to be exceptional. Do we have what it takes?

  • Unlimited coins and platinum

WCC3 is a free download game, but there are many items in this game that must be purchased and unlocked. But the modified version is classified as platinum and unlimited coins. In other words, you can buy everything you need in jerseys, trophies, epics, etc. Amazing right?

  • Unlock everything

WCC3, we don’t need to buy premium stuff. Because the developer has modified this game and unlocked all the premium items it contains. Now we can use any resource we want for free.

  • Premium leather

Skins are something that will make your game challenging and amazing. In the original version of the game, skins had to be purchased, which turned out to be the most expensive. But if you download this mod version, you can use it for free.

  • Ad-free

Playing on smartphones is fun. Worst of all, however, it can be if you keep getting bothered by annoying ads. But with World Cricket Championship 3 – WCC3 mod APK we don’t have to face that problem. The app is completely ad-free, so you can fully experience the game without a second’s distraction.

Download WCC3 Mod Apk

Are you ready to test your skills and take on other players from all over the world? Download the Cricket World Championship 3 APK now for early access to the highly anticipated game of cricket in the world.


App Name WCC3
Category Sport
Version 1.4.1
Recommended Device 4.3 Android And Up
Size 94 MB

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